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Available Finishes

All of our mahogany furniture is handcrafted from solid mahogany.  In the raw state mahogany is a pale timber with a slight pinkish tinge and as such is stained to achieve the desired colour finish.  We stain our mahogany in a choice of three colours.  The wood is then sealed in a satin finish which both protects the wood and gives a lovely lustre finish. 

Our mahogany furniture is available in a choice of three colours, from a light honeyed finish to an deep rich finish.  If you need any help in choosing a colour then please call us on 01420 562645.

Our furniture is available in the following finishes:


Light  mahogany
A warm honeyed finish reminiscent of antique yew.  We find this colour ideal for a more modern look or for a lighter room.
Sample of light mahogany
Medium mahogany
A medium mahogany finish that balances the richness of mahogany whilst emphasising the natural grain of the wood.  This is our most popular finish.
Sample of mid matt mahogany
Rich mahogany
A deep traditional mahogany finish.  This finish is reminiscent of darker antique mahogany.  We find this particularly suits our heavily carved furniture such as the rococo range.
Sample of rich gloss mahogany


Please note that the above samples can only be a guide to the actual colour due to the variation in the settings on individual monitors and colour differences as a result of the furniture being hand-stained.