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bulky appliance removal

Leaving that old fridge around won’t do you any favours

Be honest with yourself

Are you keeping those unwanted bulky appliances because you “can’t bear” to get rid of them?

Or maybe the old television that you can’t get rid of because of “happy family memories”.

There’s no shame in admitting we all keep some stuff we don’t need.

Some people may keep old photo frames or clothes that they know they need to get rid of but don’t have the heart.

Others keep their old fridges, computers or any other electronic item that takes up a lot of space.

bulky appliancesThrow everything you don’t need away

Okay, before we say everything, we mean the items that are taking up too much space.

We aren’t suggesting you throw out unpaid bills and stuff you have to do!

We only mean the stuff that is taking up a lot of space in your home.

Throwing stuff away that you do not need declutters your mind and can give you some extra money.

Some people may be against the idea of throwing away stuff because of the waste it can leave behind.

If you don’t want to throw it away, you can always donate it.

Remember: when donating items, it is important they are in decent condition so they can be resold.

Rubbish Clearance Limited are one of the companies we partner with that helps up get rid of any bulky appliances that we need removing. Their removal services are simple, hassle-free and make the job much easier for us so we can focus on managing our properties. To learn more about their bulky appliance removal services, click here.

Don’t make excuses

If you have seen an episode of Hoarders, you will be aware of the excuses people may make to keep their old bulky items

Keeping that old fridge, TV or oven will not help you or your home.

If any of those excuses were true, you would have acted on them a long time ago.

Keeping big items that take up a lot of space stops you from refurbishing your home so it looks newer.

Do yourself a favour and throw away all bulky items that are no good to you!