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Getting insurance for property development

We have worked alongside many potential property developers who mentioned not being able to finance their projects.

If you are looking to get into property development and require funding for development and refurbishments, we would recommend Hunter Finance.

There are property developers that want to develop more properties use Hunter Finance as a method of funding. You can find more information about the financial services they provide through their website to see if you would benefit from their property development loans.

Their lending criteria is why they are popular amongst property developers: over 500 property developers use Hunter Finance because of their generous repayment schemes, no hidden fees and no brokers.

Hunter Finance have a simple lending process for those who are interested in taking out a property development loan:

  1. Starting the development finance process with important information about the development plan (where will the site be - is it at an empty space of land?) and the building plans (how many bedrooms does it have, will it be a property with multiple floors?).
  2. Being given an offer from Hunter Finance which will also discuss all the important things to know about the loan - when it needs to be paid back, a full breakdown of all the costs involved and the terms and conditions.
  3. Conducting a surveyor report within 24-48 hours after the offer is officially accepted. Their surveyor will conduct a visit to the property so they can create a report about the development.
  4. Following all the correct legal processes which will involve their own solicitors researching the property to verify that the title of the property is clean.
  5. Transferring the funds to the property developer - this can take ten working days or more!

Their property development finance methods are compatible for any property developer that is unable to get an acceptance from a traditional bank.

Hunter Finance are experts in providing financial loans for those who want to carry out more developments.